Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake, Baker’s Child

With the Husband stowed away in exotic locations, I woke up to a rather gloomy Mother’s Day this morning. Home alone with my 3 year old I wondered how the day would span out. She woke up and immediately propped herself on to my lap and gave me a long tight hug mumbling “Happy Mother’s Day”.

I was pleasantly surprised and just those three words, along with the fact that she wished me with no prompting whatsoever kinda made my day and my week. I then asked little R what she wanted to do today. She instantly said she wanted to make me some Macarons as it was Mother’s Day! I had a hearty laugh and beamed with joy at her thoughtful intentions. But that made me also think of how she was different from many other children her age, just because she was a baker’s Baby. Here are some anecdotes from our recent past.

  • I baked little R a two tier Birthday cake to celebrate her third, last month. I disappeared half way through the party to assemble her Jungle themed cake with various edible Animal toppers to prepare it for cake cutting. Little R also sneaked into the room to “Help” me with the cake and refused to go out and play with 20 other kids playing in the hall 😀
  • She recently visited a bakery. Out of goodwill and love, the lady Chef asked her what she wanted to eat. I half expected her to say chocolates or cookies or Cake. But pat came the reply “Macarons!”
  • She makes no bones about telling all and sundry, “My Dad has lots of work to do, and My mamma’s a Baker”. I don’t remember the last time I bought presents to take along at Birthday Parties. Now we just take Cakes!! 😀

I have observed a few peculiar things in her now, which may also be in common with other Baker’s Babies. Listing down a few:

  1. The little one no longer wants to eat every single cake she watches me make. She very sweetly asks who the cake is for, and if it’s not for her she happily trots away.
  2. She loves to “Help” me. Which mostly means more work for me. But her favourite activity is brushing off corn flour from dried up edible figurines and putting them in a box. She even loves to use the brush for pretend play dusting off pretend corn flour from pretend figurines!!
  3. She now seems to be extremely critical of the way a cake tastes. One three occasions in last 3 months she refused to eat a slice of chocolate cake beyond the first bite at various birthday parties. Critical? Yes. Embarrassing for the mother? Definitely yes!
  4. At 3, She throws around words like “Sprinkles”, “Fondant”, “Ganache”, “Quiche” and “Croissant”.
  5. A lot of her pretend play is about oven and icing and baking.
  6. I dread asking her about what she wants on a cake. She made me make little minions for her Father’s birthday cake. And an edible Baby elephant sitting over Daddy elephant as a birthday cake topper for her own birthday. Very Cake-aware I say!

I love baking with her. The level of concentration and the interest just blows me away. She has a distinct point of view which amuses me. But then, maybe she just follows the famous proverb of doing what the Romans do in Rome!

I can’t seem to remember what I did as a 3 year old. I don’t think it involved much beyond aimlessly running around in frilly frocks. But I do have very fond memories of watching my Masi bake Carrot cakes in those old circular, top-opening ovens.

They say, Parenting evolves over generations. I say, Happy Mother’s Day!


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