A Jar Full of Lemons

Hello there! My name is Sonam and I live in a small town in Mumbai, India. I am a full time Mommy, a passionate Baker and a part-time blogger. I LOVE reading, although I rarely find time to do so. I love coffee, and I seldom find time to drink it while it’s still hot.

I dated my loving better half for a couple of years and then married him in the summer of 2011. Our double – bachelor life made way for our little baby girl in 2015. I bid goodbye to my Hotel job and kissed Hullo to mid-night feeds, sleepless nights and the cluelessness that comes with being a first time mommy in an Uber-nuclear family.

My better half is a Hotelier whose life is all about trying to juggle three fireballs – His engaging work life, his passion for Running Marathons and his ever-nagging wife. He is as sorted as a person as I m confused about life. He is soft spoken, extremely patient and a complete contrast to my stormy self. He is the Ying to my Yang and the wind beneath my ever-so-fluttering wings.

Little baby R is the best life could bless us with. She keeps us on our toes and being with her has been my most enriching “on-the-job-training” experience. She is my new found friend, my ear-ring selector and my weight-loss programme – all rolled into one.

I was clueless, naive and cranky when I became a mother. Three years later – I am still clueless, naive and cranky 😀

Everytime life gave me lemons, I stowed them away in the deep freezer, unsure of what to do with them. But, here I am – bringing all those lemons out in the open, nicely arranged in a lovely crystal jar.

Welcome to my Jar full of Lemons. – an erratic chronicle of my journey with parenting and life.


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